OFFICIAL SELECTION: TAK MOR by Amalie Thorlund Jepsen

TAK MOR (Thank You Mom)

Directed by Amalie Thorlund Jepsen

Co-director: Caroline Worning

Country: Denmark

Genre: Drama

Runtime: 11′

with Yvonne Andersen, Isabella Hansen, Flemming Bang

produced by Rose Appel

director of photography: Pim de Pimentel

screenwriter: Amalie Thorlund Jepsen

sound director: Nanna Buch



Helle, the mom of 17 year-old Lykke, tries to put together a birthday party for her depressed and angsty daughter. Despite her best efforts, the evening turns into a series of embarrassing and awkward moments – as if their relationship wasn’t strained enough.


Screening on Aug 21st in Scario h 22.00