OFFICIAL SELECTION: Slozhnopodchinennoe by Olesya Yakovleva



Slozhnopodchinennoe (Complex Subject)

Directed by Olesya Yakovleva

Country: Russian Federation

Genre: Drama

Runtime: 26′

with Nikolay Komiagin, Dmitry Kirbai, Eòozaveta Shakira, Slava Savelev, Nelly Popova

produced by Danila Yakovlev

director of photography: Vadim Ivanov

screenwriter: Georgy Menshikov

sound director: Anatoly Nikulin



A mysterious teacher comes to a provincial town to work in the local school. The teacher doesn’t look like a teacher, and his views are too pretentious and innovative. But the city likes him. He has actually no idea how much.


Screening on Aug 21st in Scario h 22.00