The city of San Giovanni A Piro – fraction of Scario, in collaboration with the cultural association Il Varco, is proud to announce the second edition of an event that will take place during the yearly celebrations of the 2019 Autumn Equinox, one of the biggest event in the territory, involving the towns of Bosco, Scario and San Giovanni a Piro with a series of concerts, exhibitions and art events.


The event had the privilege of having the italian singer and songwriter Francesco De Gregori on Scario’s Harbour, with a crowd of 20.000 to attend the event. We had Nina Zilli and Luca Barbarossa and many other events. The event has added a cinema screening that saw 250 people attending in the main square of the city plus an uncountable number of passerbys.


Two days of cinema with the best shorts received through this call for entries that we’ll select from all over the world, thanks to the collaboration with the staff from cultural association Il Varco, that are already organizing one of the most important indie festival in Italy, “Il Varco – International Short Film Festival”.


The city of Scario is famous for the quality of its waters and for its position in the Gulf of Policastro. Many tourists from all over the world come here on vacation to enjoy the beautiful beaches carved in stone, only accessible through boat service. Clear and transparent water like in a tropical paradise.


The art director is Elio Di Pace, director and filmmaker whose work has been featured in Venice Film Festival.


Join us for an experience of sea, cinema, art and culture.
See you in Scario.